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I think it’s adorable that almost all my couples say this when they get in touch with me “I’ve never done this before…” even though it is obvious that not many people who have just gotten engaged have never done this before. I let them politely make that statement before they go on to explain their situation, budgets, and what they’re looking for because it allows me to hear their beautiful story.

I started writing this blog today because I realized today after I got off a phone consultation with a bride even though there are so many resources, tips, tricks, and DIY things out there that they all are still very nervous when it comes to talking to their vendors. So I thought I’d share a little inside secret that I picked up from my own experiences from both sides of the fence.

Having also worked in managing positions in the past, I have had to hire a few people myself and believe me, I was just as nervous as the applicants at first, whether they knew it or not. I probably scratched out a few pads of questions after culling through a handful of applications and resumes and found the one that I wanted to interview. At times, I felt like all the questions I’m going to ask the were typical or cliche so probably not worth asking. But I was surprise to learn that it never lend the same answers. There were moments in an interview that an applicant and I were just on the same page and I changed my entire strategy of the interview because they were the worthy candidate!

So I wanted to share with you, something that I shared with one of my brides today… Imagine that you are the CEO of a company; the hiring manager, someone at the top of a pyramid focused on planning your BIG DAY! Obviously what that means is that you get to call the shots and all your wedding vendors are applicants looking for you to hire them. I suggest you interview a couple of vendors in a short 10-15 minute call before you make your final decision! The more you talk to vendors, you’ll be able to separate out the ones who are reading from a script to the the ones who have invested in their skills and trade and are prepared to come work for your company! Good luck on your planning!

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