Have I been stuck under a rock? – Wedding Abbreviations

This past wedding season, a mother of a groom approached me at a wedding and told me she was the “MOG” and said to feel free to ask her if I needed anything during the day. Of course I told I appreciate her hospitality and then ran to the bathroom to search for what an “MOG” was. Of course the first things that came up were Final Fantasy related and I realized I had to add “wedding” into my search terms and of course ‘mother of the groom‘ came up along with the “MOB” and many other useful abbreviated terms commonly used in weddings.

It took me almost half a year after “MUA” became a thing to realize it meant ‘makeup artist’ and knew that abbreviations would become a thing; especially in this fast pace world of LOL’s and TTYL. Now that everything makes so much more sense, I thought I’d share some of most common ones that ran across my desk this year.

BM – Best Man or Bridesmaid
MOH – Maid/ Matron of Honor
MOB – Mother of Bride
FOB – Father of Bride
MOG – Mother of Groom
FOG – Father of Groom
BP – Bridal Party
OOTG – Out of Town Guest
RB – Ring Bearer
RD – Rehearsal Dinner
STDs – Save-the-Date Cards
WP – Wedding Party/ Planner
MIL – Mother-in-law
FIL – Father-in-law
BIL – Brother-in-law
SIL – Sister-in-law
ILs – In-Laws
DOC – Day-of Coordinator

Although I personally feel like sending out “STDs” doesn’t sound too pleasing, it is the acronym so it works. If you were like me and lost on the whole process, you just got caught up! Have fun this upcoming wedding season with all the fun abbreviations.

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