Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of formal training does your team have?

That’s a good question, how does one tell themselves apart from any other photographer these days because good quality digital cameras have become more affordable than ever. We will have to say like every other one of our cohorts whose passions have decided their career that we have no real formal training, we just love what we do! We have one main photographer and an associate photographer along with pre-qualified contract second shooters that we work with.

A few years ago, because Joie knew she needed additional formal training than just what you can pick up online, she attended a day conference held by the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. She also joined in on a workshop held by award winning photographers, Andy & Angie Wood, that gave her insight on creativity, finding your market, and general photography business shop knowledge. Deth was formally trained by Joie after they met in a whirlwind love story. He has also gone on to take online tutorials and learn from hands on experience working along side.

Do you guys travel? What are your fees?

We’ve shot weddings in Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Boise, Missoula, Hawaii, and Cabo San Lucas – just to name a few of our favorites! We feel blessed that we have been able to have had the opportunity to have shared in all these beautiful weddings all over the world and if we had it our way, we’d probably only book destination weddings because we LOVE to travel.

In the California area, we’ve covered mainly the South Valley, Central Coast, Central Valley, Bay Area, and surrounding. If booked for location within California, there are no additional fees for transportation and accommodations. Additional fees will apply for destinations outside of California and if required, travel fees are non-refundable and due 3 months in prior to your wedding date so that we can set up the proper accommodations.

How much do you charge and do you offer any discounts?

We’ve priced ourselves competitively with this market which has actually lowered our prices from when we were established in a hot destination wedding location. The ultimate question most couples are asking is “how come Company A Photography only charges $500 for a full day wedding coverage and how come you can’t give me the same deal or a discount off of your packages?”

We were there ourselves once, thinking why do we have to pay so much for someone to just come and press a button and take some photos.We are aware that you had searched far and wide to find us and/or comparable photographers and Company A will not be able to deliver the same results. A good photographer friend of ours once stated “You wouldn’t hire a a pediatrician to assist with surgery, even though their both doctors”. I truly believe in that because frankly Company A can do that because of their lower costs to operating.

It’s not a bad thing to ask for a discount because sometimes you might be surprised what we can and can’t do depending on the season and desirability of the date in question. If that was the case, please feel free to check in with us however, we pride ourselves in delivering the best quality digitals and photo albums with our packages and cannot simply afford to charge any lower. Essentially, you are not only paying for our service delivered on your special day but you must also keep in mind: post processing time, different costs to run our business, keep our memberships to continually grow our creativity for you and future clients, and also insure that we are able to keep our equipment up and running.

We can create a custom package for your needs but just to give you an idea of our range, we offer small sessions starting at $500 (great for engagements) and wedding packages ranging between $2000 – $4000. Please use our contact form to inquire about our packages and contract details.

How do you deliver our images and how long does it take?

After each session, we will always be able to share a handful of our best images with you immediately so that you can share them with your friends on your social media sites.We only trust a handful of people to keep the quality control on post processing and getting images color corrected and finalized for delivery so… For small sessions, it will take about 2-3 weeks to process. We do offer expedited processing at additional costs because you need to turn it around for your save the dates, or some other special thing. For weddings, it will take about 2-3 months depending on the season. Please allow us and our specialists to review and cull through your images in depth so that we can deliver the best quality of digitals to you.

What you receive with all sessions is high resolution digital images: 3000 x 2000 pixel 300 dpi jpegs with no watermark and a print release. Some of the wedding packages include hard cover layflat albums, you will receive those 3 weeks after you receive your digitals as they take time to be printed and then shipped to you from our pro labs.

What kind of gear do you guys use?

We only kid when we say that you can’t be our friends if you shoot Nikon however we are die-hard Canon fans and are authorized Canon Professional Service providers. Our favorite camera body that we use is the Canon 5D Mark IV and although we love prime lenses, our favorite lens because of the range is the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM. A few other items we carry in our bag are:

… and a mix of odds and ends other lenses from Sigma Lenses, triggers from Pocket Wizards, light stands, tripods, and off camera flashes. But you get the gist of it…

Do you offer your RAW image files?

Most people who care about the RAW files are either a. are a photographer themselves or b. want to blow up their images on the side of a building somewhere. Because we have taken the time to processed all images and color corrected them, we do not offer the RAW files. Even images that are eventually blown up on the side of a building will be pixellated but when viewed from a far, the human eye can do wonders! Your digitals that you end up with are the highest quality images that you’ll receive in the instance that you wanted to use them for print or similar. IF in the off chance you have a printer requesting for an even higher resolution image than the one you’ve gotten, we will be more than happy to re-export the RAW image to the desired pixels so that you can submit it.